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Writing can be overwhelming, and solitary for most people. There are long hours of research, editing, and generally looking over your work for mistakes. Although writing tends to be a solitary endeavor, it doesn’t have to be an adventure you take on your own. Something that could help you out is author coaching. Many writers, even experienced writers, can benefit from author coaching. Beginners, however, can especially be helped with this and guided into a much better understanding of their craft.

Why author coaching?

If you ever felt as if you had questions about writing, or the publishing process that you didn’t understand then an author coach may be for you. An author’s coach can help you from the inception of your idea/plot to the publishing of your novel. They will be there for you through it all, and will answer any questions you have about the process. There are many other coaches! Why not a life coach?

What is an author coach?

A professional author coach will help you through the entire writing process. They will help you from the conception of your project to the finished manuscript and, if asked, beyond that. Like many other coaches they will help with many aspects of your writing. They will give you advice, and help you stay focused on your work. Your author coach will push you to achieve your dreams. They will be pushing you to make your ideas into a book, and they will be there whenever you need them. Things that this could include:
  • Defining and understanding your audience
  • Critiquing your writing
  • Finding logic holes in your story
  • Working on an outline with you
  • Providing advice for a structure for your book
  • Help make decisions for editors, proofreaders, etc
  • Educate you about the publishing process
  • Answer your burning questions about writing and more

Who needs an author coach?

Anyone could use an author coach. If you’re a beginner to the writing scene then a writing coach will help you understand a world that you haven’t dipped your feet into yet. They can answer questions that you can’t easily research, and they can teach you all the basics. This could be the best time to have an author coach.

Intermediate writers could also coaches. This could describe you if you have published a book or a few. This could also be an exciting time to have an author coach. Perhaps you aren’t getting consistent sales, or you aren’t sure what you should be doing more of in your books. All of these things can be looked at by an author coach.

Finally, an expert writer. A seasoned writer can also be helped. You could be helped in many ways but mostly an author coach can help you by researching what the competition is doing or what your fans want more of. There are many things that you could be doing very well, but you could also improve on that a coach could absolutely point out.

How do you find an author coach?

  • Understand where you are with your writing skills and be honest with yourself. Where do you want to improve and what do you want to get advice on?
  • Be clear about how you’d like to work with them. Are there are hard limits? Do you prefer to work with a man/woman? Would you be okay with Skype, phone calls or something else? All these things are important to know.
  • Tell them what you are hoping to get out of the services.
  • Budget. This is important as well – don’t aim for a high budget unless you can afford it.
When you know what you want out of your author coach, you should start searching. This will be the easy part. There are many successful author coaches out there, and they will be happy to speak with you about your project to see if you are a good fit. Usually they have consultations in order to do so.

What will an author coach do?

Once you choose an author coach, they will start with speaking with you about your project. This first conversation with be a very long one. This is so they can come up with something that fit you, and your project. Here are other things that author coaches will do for you:

  • Help you write and publish your book
  • Teach you how to market your book
  • Help you with your author platform
  • Provide sources of information
  • Help solve problems
  • Help you overcome many of your challenges that you face while writing

Then your coach will have regular sessions with you. They will watch over your progress, and help you through bumps throughout your journey. If you ever need help or need to discuss something with your project they will be able to help what is right, or wrong with it.

Many experienced authors have an author coach. It isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Having someone to help you throughout your journey is admirable. Athletes have coaches who train them and help them with the sport that they have chosen to play. Authors needs just as much support. Just like an athlete you should have someone in your corner. An author coach guarantees that you will not miss out on certain opportunities as well. You are only one person, and you can not do everything. Author coaches push you to succeed.

Author coaches are wonderful for authors. They ensure that authors are able to work their way through a project with someone by their side. If you need extra help, and you are able to get an author coach we highly advise doing so.

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– J. Hughes.

How Author Coaching can Help you Grow

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