We interview author Morgan RR Haze and found out some fascinating facts! Check them out. 

Tell me a little about yourself…

There are 3 of us writing under the pen name Morgan R R Haze. We chose the name because our great-grandmother’s last name was Morgan. RR is for Rachel Rene. Haze is a mix of Zack and Heather. We grew up in the desert, an hour away from everything. Our parents encouraged creativity; dance, music, art, poetry, storytelling, even making food that was different from what we normally had. As a result, we all have a large range of hobbies. Gardening, writing, various types of artwork, jewelry making, papercrafts, and home design are just a few. Some favorites are Tolkien, Austin, superheroes, Princess Bride, Asian, Mexican and Italian foods, Enya, Lindsey Sterling, Fallout Boy, 21 Pilots, Imagine Dragons. As you can tell, the best word to describe any of us would be eclectic. There is a 10-year age gap between us. 

What is/are the name of the book(s) you have published?

So far, we have published Alpha Dawn: book 1 of the Teragene Chronicles. By December 15, book 2, Alpha Convergence, should be out. 

Where can they be found? 

Right now, just Amazon and Audible. Paperback, E-book, and audio. 

How long have you been an author?

We each have been doing some form of writing since we were young. 30 years is a nice round number. The first idea written that has been incorporated into this story was written 31 years ago. 

Do you have any current WIPs? How are they going?

Doing final touch-ups to book 2. Started book 3, the last of this specific story, but we haven’t finalized the title yet. We have ideas for multiple stories set in the same universe. 

We had wanted to do a book a year, but that hasn’t happened. Life keeps intruding. All of us have moved, dealt with health issues (our own or those we care for), and we all have had “day job” issues. RR has children, one on the autism spectrum and with cerebral palsy. Z lives with and helps our parents. H is a care provider for a family member. 

What got you into writing?

The games we played a lot as kids required the use of imagination. Many of the stories we would act out didn’t have the required characters for everyone to play, so we invented new ones. From there, it was imagining different endings & crossovers of existing stories. Finally, it was creating our own worlds. Much of the time, it was a way to explore emotions or process real-life situations. 

What keeps you focused?

Still working on this one. Once one of us gets on a roll, it feeds the creativity of the others. 

What gives you inspiration?

Life experience, other stories, and people we meet. Sometimes just a setting or thinking about a specific task will spark an idea. 

How do you battle writer’s block?

Fill the creative well, maybe reread our previous work to see where we can add to the story. 

Did you decide on traditional or self-publishing? What made you make that choice?

Self-publishing. With 3 of us writing together, it just seemed much simpler. 

How does it feel to be considered an author?

It feels surreal. We all have other jobs and responsibilities that require a large amount of focus, so sometimes being an author is pushed far into the background. 

What advice can you give the writing community?

Be kind. Be supportive. It doesn’t help to compare yourself to others, and it makes you look petty if you put other people’s work down. Heather started beta-reading for another writer on Twitter but realized very quickly that the story wasn’t for her. It doesn’t make it a bad story. She explained why it didn’t feel like she was among the target audience and what she did like from what she read. This was done with the hope that it would help them to market their book more effectively, not to stomp on their story. 

Are you on social media? Where can people find you?

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, all under Morgan RR Haze.

Twitter is the most used.

Instagram and Facebook are mostly pictures that reflect characters, locations, spaceships, and cultures within our world.

Since we write sci-fi, having visual references helps us fill in the blank spaces.

Note: This article originally appeared on MK Editing’s old website, December 2020.

Author Spotlight: Morgan RR Haze

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