Manuscript Revisions

After you put the finishing touches on what you thought was your “final draft” and sent it off to an editor, you may have felt the hardest part was in the past. But now you have dozens of comments, markups, and strikethroughs to deal with, and your perfect final draft has turned into a huge time slog. Maybe you have some rough dialogue or a plot thread that you need to carefully unpick without destroying the weave of your novel. Or you just want someone else to sweep up the details, so you can churn out your next manuscript.

The revision process can feel overwhelming. It can require a lot of wordsmithing and tedium that is easier to delegate.

Our experienced team will deliver the highest quality writing to fit your timeline. The price of revisions depends on several factors, including the length of your novel, the extent of the feedback, and whether MK performed the original edits.

Ghostwriting Services

Do you have a fully fleshed-out novel idea that you don’t have time to expand into a manuscript? Do you want to share your specialized knowledge with clients and readers alike?

MK team members have strong ghostwriting backgrounds across genres.


Have an idea for a book but aren’t sure how to start or need a blueprint to make a story from beginning to end? Let us put together a story proposal based on your ideas. Then you can either write the book yourself or as an add-on to our ghostwriting services.

Cost: $125 for fiction outline,
$150 for non-fiction outline


There’s a story inside your head that you’ve always wanted to see as a book but you just aren’t confident in your writing ability, or you don’t have time to write with your busy schedule? Have you always wanted to share your particular knowledge or have mini-books you could use to advertise your business? Let us write your book and save yourself the time and headache of drafting a manuscript!

Cost: $35 per 1000 words for fiction,
$38 per 1000 words for non-fiction

Copywriting Services

Does copywriting strain your brain? Our skilled writers can produce short copy of any length or audience that grabs the reader and sucks them in: blurbs, synopses, sales descriptions, and query letters. If you don’t see it listed here Contact Us to see if it’s something we can do. Here are a few of the more popular choices.

Ad Copy

Give your reader just enough about your book to pique their interest. Our team will write a snippet for your book that is highly re-tweetable and perfect for online ads.

Cost: $25


A great blurb is more just a synopsis of your book’s contents. It is a sales pitch for online shoppers and a tool to improve your findability in the store’s search engine. The text will include the synopsis but will also incorporate keywords (researched by us) and editorial reviews (supplied by you).

Cost: $75


If you’re thinking of querying an agent or sending out a press release, you’re going to need a stellar synopsis. Unlike the blurb, your synopsis should highlight all the major plot points and conclusion of your book.

Cost: $200

Query Letters

To obtain representation by an agency or sell directly to a publisher for your book, you’ll need a letter of inquiry normally referred to as a query letter. The job of a query letter is to convince the agent or editor that your novel is worth a full read—basically, to get your foot in the door. A typical query letter includes:

Remember that query letters should never be generic! In order to be successful with your query, you should provide MK with the name of the agency or publisher you are targeting with this letter, your bio, and other materials. A discount will apply if you purchase a query letter in combination with other editing services.

Cost: $30 flat rate